I want to setup jetson tx2 with NVIDIA SDK Manager.
As you can see from the image, the tx2 is recognized, but I cannot select “TARGET OPERATING SYSTEM”.
I want to select jetpack.
Why cannot?

Thank you.

May I know what’s the host system environment?

Hi sklvou,

What SDK Manager version are you using?
Please update to the latest v1.5 and run again on your host ubuntu-20.04.

Thank you for your replies.
Host: Ubuntu 20.04 on a Mac using VirtualBox
SDK Manager:

Hi sklvou,

Sorry, we’re not support VM.
Please run SDKM on ubuntu directly. Thanks!

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I see.
Thank you

I encounter the same error even though I am installing the SDK manager (latest version on a local Ubuntu 20.10

Hi hadjyoucef.amine,

We are not yet support ubuntu-20.04 host run SDKM to install JetPack.
Please use ubuntu-16.04/18.04 host run SDKM to install JetPack. Thanks!

Can you please update your documentation, the SDK Manager 1.5 page says 20.04 is supported NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer

SDK Manager is a installer portal for all NVIDIA SDKs, for individual product, please refer to each SDK page, so for Jetson platform, please check JetPack page. I will infirm team to do the reveiw.