Sdk manager oops no components available for

Hello, I’m trying to update my TX1 with the sdk manager, but on step two i got the bellow result: “oops! could not load the nvidia sdk details”
any tips how to solve it?

Using ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Best regards!

Please have host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 to install SDKM to flash TX1 via JetPack.
The Ubuntu 22.04 is not supported.


Ok, was able to install a 18.04 ubuntu. ( it is a vm machine )

was able to proceed with the sdk, but now i get an error. “target is in a bad state”
Any pointers how to solve? (117.9 KB)


The VM is not supported by SDK manager, but people did get it working, you can refer to Flashing Jetson Nano 2GB with VM to see if can help.

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