Running ubnutu 19.1 on host and target is TX2 8GB,running SDK manager1.0.1.5538, Unable to see the t

I installed ubnutu 19.1 and running SDK manager1.0.1.5538. Unable to see the target OS. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

Hi deovipin,

The Ubuntu 19.1 is not supported, see the system requirement:
Please follow the steps:

Note that command line flash will work without the GUI, and that it is the GUI which is being rejected under Ubuntu 19. In the past it would have been mandatory to use the GUI to install the optional packages after a flash, but if you are using JetPack/SDK Manager 4.3 (L4T R32.3.1), then “apt” commands can be used to install those packages (at least on the Jetson side). The down side is that you would have to know what those packages are.