Is it possible to flash a SD card with a cloned image of emmc

Is it possible to flash a bootable SD card with a cloned image of emmc? I wonder if it works.
Are both the sizes/capacities of source and target(SD/USB drives and emmc) needed to be the same?

Hi @wing901,

since you are talking about emmc I assume you are looking for some help regarding a Jetson product?

Can you be a little bit more specific about what you want to achieve?


Yes, regarding Jetson TX2.

I want to make a bootable SD Card or USB drive for TX2 with a cloned image from emmc, but I wonder if it works.

I suggest this post which is still applicable for Jetson TX2:

The summary is that you can backup the emmc contents to external storage, but you cannot entirely boot from it because the bootloader (uboot) has to reside on the boot device, which, in the case of TX2, is the emmc memory.

For further questions I suggest to post directly in one of the Jetson forums.

I hope that helps!

Is this forum not for TX2? Sometimes, I got confused.

The system first seeks the uboot and then boot from either emmc or external devices. Is that what you mean?

Nope, we have dedicated Jetson forums for different Hardware formats as well. Just follow the link I gave above and browse a bit in those categories. Lots of useful information!

A bit more complicated, but yes. TX2 needs the micro-boot (uboot) bootloader on emmc, but it can then mount the root file-system from SD Card or USB. But the above thread explains that much better.

That means the life cycle of TX2 is dependent on its emmc because when the emmc dies, the board will go with it You know frequently read and write on this kind of storage will shorten its life.