How to Boot the System from an External Storage Device

We hope that the system can be booted from an external storage device, such as TF card, USB, and we send the firmware file (ISO, IMG) to the customer, they can burn to the TF card and then enter the new system, and then the customer can put the TF card into the new system. The system is burned into the internal emmc, how to realize these functions

The document describes only the transfer of the rootfs system to an external storage device. Is there any other documentation for reference?


Just to make sure. Are you asking this issue for Jetson TX2?

Yes, we want to implement these functions, how to do it

If you are talking about you just want to prepare a usb drive or a sdcard and then insert to any jetson TX2 and it can boot up with your usb drive. Then it is unlikely to achieve.

Reason mentioned here:

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