SD card Jetson Xavier Nx

I have a Jetson Xavier NX, I flashed it using the SDK Manager software.
As the internal memory is only 16Gb, I bought a 128Gb SD card to make a hard disk.
I would like to know how I can keep the boot on the board and manage the storage from the sd card.
The storage of the NVdia Jetson Xavier NX is in the mmcblk0, however, the SD card is in the mmcblk1.

So you want the eMMC to have the os information and boot files and all the folders like your documents, scripts, etc. on the sd card? What seems to be the problem that doesn’t allow that? Is there no visible seperation between the two types of storage? Because normally the sd card should pop up as a peripheral and the seperation between the two should be quite noticeable in the file explorer.

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