Jetson xavier nx not detecting the SD card slot

I have Jetson Xavier NX module, with 16 GB emmc and SD card (128 gb sd card inserted, after formating it). I have flashed it with my ubuntu 18 system with sdkmanager.
upon performing all the steps, I am checking the space (using df -h) but its only showing me 16GB, space.
I can’t see128 Gb space at all. I have tried to look it up, but instrucrions are not clear or very confusing. Can someone please help me here. If you can share the clear instructions, please do.
thank you very much.

@WayneWWW please help


Actually, what is not clear is your description… What kind of carrier board are you using now?

Please be aware that NV does not launch any xavier NX carrier board that has sdcard slot on the carrier board.

If your board has it, then it should be a board made by yourself, or from some specific vendors.

If this is from some board vendors, please contact them for help. Even I cannot tell how to do that without any other info.

If you don’t understand why I I cannot help you, I can explain more.

Hello, I am not sure the exact name of the carrier board, i got it from one local manufacturer. I have provided some pics for you. Please take a look at it. I have contacted the vendors itself first. they sent me NVidia forums link itself.

…it is not something that I can help by just showing me some picture…

Even if you show me the board name, I won’t be able to help either…

This is the one:,Jetson%20Nano%20Developer%20Kit%20B01.

why does it matter then ? the chip is from Nvidia. I am flashing it with sdkmanager. why is it only showing the 16 GB total memory then ?

If i have to make changes to kernal or device tree, please refer some resources or links

The module is from nvidia… but the carrier board is not from nvidia…

The sdcard is on the carrier board. And I have no magical eye to just know how your pin is connected by just posting me some photos.

Hope this clarify your question…


Sorry for that. I just want to clarify that even if I post you something, this could not directly help.

Other users may not use the same card detection pin or power pin as the board you are using.

If you want to check, above posts are related to your question.

yeah @WayneWWW thanks a lot!!

You can try to search the board name on the forum and see if anyone posting similar things… I guess that would be faster…

Your photo shows that your board’s name seems to be “jetson-io base A”?

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