Xavier NX Production Module External SD not detected


We have our carrier board and we use jetson xavier NX production module. We sucefully flash the Jetson OS on the eMMC memory with SDK manager. We have an SD card slot available on the carrier board and we would like ton add extra external storage on our production module. But the problem is that I am not able to detect the SD card.

I reffer to this post : Jetson_Xavier_NX_GPIO08 is FAN_TACH and SD card detect , I need the two function but I don’t know how to change the pinmux or the device tree. Do I have to change something on the flash.sh ? or everything can be done on the target device (Jetson module) ?

Can someone help me on this subject?

Thanks you very much.

  1. You need to prepare a host and use that one to build device tree and flash the device tree to your board. Generally, that is the host where you ran the sdkm.

  2. Modify the device tree is necessary. We don’t enable any extra sdcard slot in default device tree.

  3. There are lots of forum topic related to this. You can search “sdmmc3” on NX forum first.

Document for your reference:

  1. developer guide → kernel customization

  2. developer guide → nx adaptation guide


  1. kernel source download


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