Install google remote desktop on jetso nano

Hi guys

I tried to install the google remote desktop on the jetson nano and xavier. Was someone successful with this? I can control my Win10 machine with the nano, but cant install/download the packages.

I want to have a (free) cloud based remote desktop solution für machine vision on jetson devices

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Do you mean Win10 can’t install/download the packages via remove control?
Have you try any other system instead of Nano?

Last time I checked, Google simply never made a build for ARM

Any new update? Just tried it on AGX Xavier. I am able to access my PC from AGX but not the other way around yet. Got stuck at “setup access download” keep spinning and never finish download for setup. Anyone has different experience? Would appreciate your sharing. Thanks.

Hi ynjiun,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Why every application is neglecting ARM64, I feel sad to use this device

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eventually I settled down using nomachine

it’s faster than VNC and RPD. Enjoy!

Hi @ynjiun,

I have used this and I was sitting all day to configure it… But I want it over the internet and Im not able to get it working with the NX protocol over PUblic Ip, did u get it working over the internet?

hmmm… I am using it in my own local network. works right after installed without configuring. my PC host (amd/x86) is running ubuntu 18.04 and client is AGX Xavier (arm). Never try it over Public internet. Perhaps you need to specify your host/client IP addresses for nomachine to locate your client/host… just a guess ; )

Okay, They have given it to be used on NX protocol, and to do a port forwarding, which Im not able to do still.
Hence, I was thinking of teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop. Both are pretty cool and easy to use software, But still, its been 3 years, no update for ARM64. Hence I posted this here, If u have any ideas on how to connect via public internet, throw ur ideas please, It will be useful for many…

hi @nishad1092 just use :-) so you can use vnc or ssh.

It’s very easy to install Google Remote Desktop on Jetso Nano. You have to do a few steps in order to install it. Here is detailed article on it.

just curious have you tried it to remote connect to your nano from your PC using Google Remote Desktop (GRD)?

I have no problem to remote connect from nano to PC but not the other way around because there is no ARM support for the GRD host in nano ?!;( so far to my knowledge…, is that right?