Install visionworks in Orin


I am starting to work with orin and i see that the visonworks library will be deprecated with Jetpack 5.0. (which is the one used by orin).

I have some code that i have used on the jetson AGX based on the visionworks examples and I would like to use it also in the jetson Orin.

Is there a way to install the visionworks libraries in orin?

I have tried to install it using the deb package but it looks like i need cuda 10.2 and it seems that installing cuda 10.2 on ubuntu 20 is problematic.

any idea about using visionworks on orin?

Many thanks!

Sorry to tell that’s not able to do due to some low layer drivers/libraries dependencies.

Thanks for the info.

This means that i could not compile and use the examples individually? Just to know if it has sense or not to spend time trying to compile it.

On the other hand, i have read that we should use the vision programing interfaces (VPI).
Are the same examples like the stabilizer, motion estimation or tracking available there (the ones explained here nvvwx_docs/group__nvx__demos.html) ?

I have checked the documentation but i did not see any stabilizer example and the one included in visionworks (nvvwx_docs/group__nvx__demo__video__stabilizer.html) was really useful.

Many thanks!


Sorry that there is no stabilizer example available currently.

But you can find the motion estimation and warping example below:


Hi @AastaLLL ,

thanks for the info.

Do you know if for future updates is planned to include a stabilizer example in VPI?

Regarding, the compilation of visionworks, therefore i understand that your advice is to not spend time trying to compile it for orin, or?


We are checking the plan for the stabilizer sample with our internal team.
Will share more information with you later.

Please noted that VisionWorks doesn’t fully open-sourced.
So this will limit you to generate a compatible library on a CUDA 11 environment.



Yes, any information regarding the plans to add the stabilizer as example is always welcome.

Regarding the compatibility of visionworks in orin, from your comments i can imagine that will be easier to develop my own stabilizer using the VPI library than trying to run the example of visionworks.



We have filed a sample request for this.
It will be prioritized based on the resources internally.


Thanks a lot! i will check the updates.

Hi @vcb1 ,

I’m trying to get the video_stabilizer demo working on Ubuntu 18 host machine, with VisionWorks 1.6 and cuda 10.2. Compilation works fine, but when I try to run the demo with default input, I get the following error:

[NVX LOG] vxuColorConvert: Internal CUDA error
Error: vxuColorConvert(context_, frame, gray) failure [status = -1002] in file stabilizer.cpp line 188

Were you able to get the video_stabilizer demo to work with cuda 10.2? Have you seen the above error before, and do you know how to solve it?



The sample is tested and verified with CUDA 10.2 when it releases.

However, since VisionWorks is deprecated.
It’s more recommended to switch to other libraries, ex VPI or OpenCV.


Thanks for getting back to me, @AastaLLL !

Based on your response, it sounds as if I should be able to get my work to run with CUDA 10.2 - so I will keep working on it and hopefully manage to find a solution.

While I understand that VisionWorks is no longer being supported, and has been replaced by VPI in JetPack v5, our team is currently ‘stuck’ working with JetPack v4.6 owing to other dependencies. So upgrading to VPI is currently not an option for us.


Thanks for the update.
Since you are working on other platform rather than Orin, please file a new topic if you meet other issues.

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