Installed driver 435.50 , now install of 418.37 for Tesla fails

Ubuntu 18.04

Installed 435.50 from .run file. works.

Tried to install 418.37 for Tesla. from /var/log/… Fails

Tried to sudo apt purge nvidia. Says nvidia not installed. Tried other ways. Nothing worked.

Tried Cuda 10.1 .run install. Fails

Think I may not have the correct order or maybe only 418.37 has to be used with both VGA and Tesla.

If I could purge 435.50 them I could try only 418.37. Not sure what will purge 435.50.

nvidia-smi says 435.50 installed.

If I’ve abbreviate the details too much, then will provide more.

If you used the .run file to install, run it again with --uninstall option to uninstall. You should rather use a repo driver instead, though.