Installing CUDA and tensorflow 2 on windows 10 through anaconda

Hi, please move me if its a wrong forum.

I am trying to install tensorflow 2 on my Windows 10(x64bit) machine with an NVidia RTX 3060 graphics card for a data science course.
I’m following the guidance from here for the conda installation (2.4)

so far I have created a new environment and ran this command, ‘conda install cuda -c nvidia’ in my anaconda prompt, which has installed the CUDA toolkit.

I have also installed the tensorflow v.2.6.0 package by running ‘conda install -c anaconda tensorflow’.

I have downloaded and installed separately the Nvidia driver, ‘472.39-notebook-win10-win11-64bit-Studio-driver’ from the nvidia website (also could not decide if need a game or a studio driver).
Is this a correct way to proceed?

because when I run these commands in a Jupyter notebook launched from the same environment later on, it cant detect gpu:

In: tf.version
Out: ‘2.3.0’

In: tf.test.is_gpu_available()
Out: False

thank you.

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