Installing CUDA Fortran

I am trying to use Nvidia CUDA Fortran. I am having difficulty with obtaining a suitable Integrated developer Environment. I have tried a couple versions of Visual Studio, but none have a Fortran application. Can you recommend a version of Visual Studio? Alternatively, I have read about PGI Visual Fortran. I this available as a free download?

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There is no Fortran Compiler that is included with Microsoft Visual Studio. Here is what NVIDIA states about the availability of CUDA Fortran:

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Can you help me obtain CUDA Fotran and get it running? Is there a site that tells a me how to download it, with an IDE, how to write, compile, and CUDA fortran? I am stuck and out of options.
Thank you.

I have never obtained, used, or installed CUDA Fortran. I never use, nor have used, IDEs of any kind. I already provided as much information as I am able to provide.