Instrumentation Profiling on 32 bit

Can one do event or instrument profiling using the 32-bit based PGroup System? It said in some of the earlier documents that it was only available on the 64-bit system Then the more recent documents stopped saying that. I want to use Oprofile with it, of course.

Can this be done on 32-bit systems? Is it restricted to 64-bit systems?

THX 1138

Hi THX 1138,

OProfile-based sampling support is only available on 64-bit Linux. The simple interface to this is

  • pgcollect -hwtime
  • pgcollect -dcache
  • pgcollect -icache
  • pgcollect -allcache

There is a simple time-based sampling facility available via pgcollect that is support on all platforms, 32-bit and 64-bit. The interface to this is:

  • pgcollect -time

Also available on 32-bit is instrumented profile using the “-Mprof” flag.

After any of these, run pgprof in the same directory to view the results:

  • pgprof -exe myprog

  • Mat