InterlockedAdd()-Limitations since v 334.67beta / v 334.89


in the last time I detected some problems with one of my compute shaders. Its task is it to collect/calculate color data from an input Texture2D and store some results to 5 different RWStructuredBuffers. The problem is that all of the output buffers stay empty since the last graphics driver update. ( --> a list of tested drivers and graphic cards below)

I tried to make a few changes to the shader and figured out that the problem has something to do with the InterlockedAdd()/InterlockedMax() calls on the output buffers. I tried to replace one of the total 4 InterlockedAdd() calls by a normal assignement and everything works fine ( but the thread safety ;-) ).

Is there any limitation of interlocked calls in the latest driver versions? Is there a bug in these driver versions?


graphic cards tested: GTX 550Ti, GTX 560Ti, GTX 580 (same problem with all of them)

driver versions tested:

  • 327.23 works
  • 331.82 works
  • 332.21 works
  • 334.67(BETA) doesn’t work
  • 334.89 doesn’t work
  • 335.23 doesn’t work (latest by now)