Intrinsic matrix (fx,fy,cx,cy) and distortion coefficients (k1,k2,k3,k4)

I have an intrinsic matrix (fx,fy,cx,cy) and distortion coefficients (k1,k2,k3,k4) of a camera. how can I insert those values in the omniverse camera?

@danielle.sisserman do you think there are some information you could use from here?

the fisheye lens setting in the OV camera prims should have parameters for adjustments.

Hi @Simplychenable, thank you for the link. I don’t believe it is what I need though. I don’t need calibration since I already have all of my values (fx,fy,cx,cy, k1,k2,k3,k4) and I am also not using opencv. I am using omniverse Isaac Sim to create syntactic data and I have the intrinsic values of our camera which i need to use in the generation of the data. Thank you

@Simplychenable the OV camera prims do have some parameters for adjustment. How ever it is not clear how those parameters relate to fx,fy,cx,cy, k1,k2,k3,k4

i am simply another OV user and don’t typically work with these specific params in OV myself, so i’d defer to the mods/devs. i did come across another post from the mod where he establishes the relationship between the fx, fy, cx, cy and horizontal_aperture , vertical_aperture , horizontal_aperture_offset , and vertical_aperture_offset of the camera prim:

again, just passing what i find along since there doesn’t seem to be a clear documentation on this subject yet in the official OV doc (i don’t think anyway).

@Simplychenable Thank you for your help, some new features and docs came out resently that address this issue.

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