Introducing the NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit

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Programmability is crucial to accelerated computing, and NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit has been critical to the success of GPU computing. Over 3 million CUDA Toolkits have been downloaded since its first launch. However there are many scientists and researchers yet to benefit from GPU computing. These scientists have limited time to learn and apply a parallel…

Does your OpenACC Toolkit support AMD GPU ?
Specifically old AMD Firetream 9250 Stream Processor Card

From the PGI website:
PGI Accelerator compilers target all NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators with compute capability 2.0 or higher. In addition, they support the following accelerators from AMD:

AMD Radeon HD Graphics 7700 series
AMD Radeon HD Graphics 7800 series
AMD Radeon HD Graphics 7900 series
AMD APU Family with AMD Radeon HD Graphics R7 series