Introductory dev system

A question for the readers on this board: What is a good system for a parallel programming learner? I’m looking for an inexpensive linux machine that will allow me to do CUDA development.

Right now I’m considering two options. One is the new CB5 Chromebook with the Tegra K1 chipset. My thought is I can install crouton, and then run the L4T 19.x under chroot. This would not only be the inexpensive option, but potentially very nice with Google bringing Android apps to the Chrome OS. In my imagination, I could flip over to chroot, pop open the Eclipse with the NSight and Android ADT plugins installed, develop a great app, flip back to the Chrome OS side of things, and launch said app. The whole thing sounds very tempting.

The other option is to get a “real” Linux laptop. Probably an Alto X445 from Zareason. I can order this right away. It has a much beefier gpu, but it is considerably more expensive.

Also, I’m not against a desktop solution. I just prefer something I can tote with me. I am still very interested in hearing about any non-portable suggestions you might have as well.