Cuda programming on Chromebook

Hi !
I’m looking for a laptop to program in Cuda. (a low cost laptop to be precise)
I found the Acer ChromeBook 13, powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 (
But I don’t really know if I can use it like a GeForce and if it’s possible ?

According to this topic, we can put a linux on every Chromebook :

Is that really possible ? Or it’s too good to be true ?

I think this will be possible. Crouton works for other arm chromebooks. I think we should be able to build a system image using L4T to chroot on. There’s no nsight for arm yet, but the command line tools are there.

I’ve been looking at the Acer. I don’t think the high end $379 version is priced with touch screen yet. I saw a video of one at IFA though

I also like the new HP Chromebook 14 with the Tegra K1. It’s got basically the same specs as the Acer. However, HP has a 4G modem option (Icera 500 software defined radio?) and 2 color options (white/black) with four accent color options (blue/green/orange/grey). Also, the Acer has an SD card slot, whereas the HP has a microSD card slot.

HP in Black/Green for NVidia perhaps? :) I haven’t seen a black one yet. Here’s a video of the HPs at IFA

If you’re able to flash L4T to Chromebook in the future, please let us know. I’d buy one if confirmed it was possible.

Working on the chromiumos kernel I can boot it but it kernel panics after 10 seconds…
Will try to get that working first and then look into CUDA on the Acer Chromebook 13.

Hi guys,

At present, using crouton and chrubuntu for chroot scripts does not appear to be an option as there seem to be some issues in the release channel kernel under ChromeOS. However, it is possible to boot a USB stick with an earlier, known working kernel. You can get my basic system image built from Debian and instructions here:

Working kernel sources are included. This is a basic “math only” image, but it is certainly possible to add accelerated X11, etc. This image is for the HP, but it is trivial to make the Acer kernel image.