I have an HP chromebook 14 Tegra K1 (nyan_blaze) Almost same specs as the Jetson board.
While running Ubuntu via Crouton on it is fun, I would REALLY like to know everyones thoughts on
attempting a Jetson l4t flash to the chromebook and if it seems compatability is feasible?
Unlocking the arm board and doing a total linux reflash to it would have unbelievable performance if it could be achieved…
Anyone thoughts?

*HP Chromebook 14 G3 Tegra
Nvidia Tegra K1 CD570m (2.1 4core) 32bit
Integrated SoC PCH (ARM)
Nvidia Keplar(192 Cuda Cores)
14" FHD (1920 res)
4gb ddr3 1600
16gb eMMc storage int (5.1gb dedicated chrome os part)

Hi riker1,

From HW specifications point of view, the similar thing is Tegra K1, but most components are different.
It’s not encourage to do, and may spend a lot of time without success eventually.