Inversion of a Hermitian Matrix with cuSolver

Dear All

Sorry, by the naive question. How with cuSolver I find the inverse of a Hermitian Matrix?

I can factorize and also I can find the solution of a system of equations but how I find the inverse?


Luis Gonçalves

Hi Luis,

I’m not sure whether cuSOLVER is supposed to provide such functionality. Afaik there is no such function.

You should consider using other libraries as cuSPARSE, CULA or the like.

In this thread somebody else already asked for sparse matrix inversion:

Most of the times it is not essential or even necessary to get the inverse explicitly, most of the algorithms in the end want to apply such a matrix to a vector… Are you sure you need the inverse or is solving Ax = b for x sufficient your needs? THIS is what cuSOLVER really provides.


Yes, It is that I need, the inverse.

Solve AX=I, where I is the identity matrix.

Thanks, I do not notice that “B” could be a matrix (in AX=B)

according to the library documentation you will have to launch the solve function several times for each column of I – it is not yet supported to provide nrhs > 1 as far as I can see.