IPA optimization using OMP offload

Dear Nvidia developers,

I’m using NVHPC/21.5-GCC-10.3.0 and I’m trying to enable IPa optimization im my code that uses OMP offload:

FFLAGS="-mp=gpu -Mipa=acc -Mcuda=cc80 -mcmodel=medium -Minfo=all -Mvect=levels:5"
CFLAGS="-mp=gpu -Mipa=acc -Mcuda=cc80 -mcmodel=medium -Minfo=all -Mvect=levels:5"

having a lot of warning like:

ipa: file bdry.o, line 1900: unknown flag F in line FUNCA FvQiQiQiQiQiQiQiQiQiQi_ facind_omp_, kx1, kx2, ky1, ky2, kz1, kz2, nx, ny, nz, iface

ipa: file math.o, line 2883: unknown flag _ in line FUNCA FvQA?dQdQi_ cfill_vec_, a, b, n

ipa: file gs_local.o, line 2212: unknown variable reference: &3&1545

The compilation ends well, but does it means the IPA are not working? Thanks.

Correct. IPA hasn’t been available since we make the switch to using LLVM for our back-end code. It needed to be rework pretty much from scratch but other projects, such as OpenMP Target Offload, were deemed much higher priority. It’s on our list to bring back, but no ETA as of yet.