Is anybody else seeing optical flow as being

I’m using an RTX 2080 (not ti), driver 441.41, and I’m creating an optical flow object with the latest stuff (I believe it’s 1.1, but I’m creating a “1_0” object, don’t know exactly what that means, and I’m feeding calc( ) the SAME buffers over and over, and per output frame, the output frame’s disparity values CHANGE. Yeah, from frame to frame, even though the input is the same frames. When I feed the inputs different (successive) frames, the noise gets even greater, with WILD swings between 0 and 1000+ for the disparity frames, from one frame to another. the input signal is slightly noisy, but not that much.

In effect, it seems broken. I don’t see any other issues, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my graphics card. I’ve tried other cuda disparity routines and they work just fine by comparison.

anybody else see this? Is there a dedicated nvidia specialist I can talk to? this is for a pretty massive, important project at Microsoft. I know we already have a bunch of engineers working with dedicated nvidia engineers, but I don’t personally have any nvidia contacts. Please pm me, if possible.



For the first part of your question, where you see different output for same input passed over and over; this is likely because of ‘disableTemporalHints’ not being set to NV_OF_TRUE. Can you try setting this value?
The later part could be due to flat regions. Which preset are you using? SLOW preset should give you a better result.

If none of this helps, we will need your help to reproduce this issue internally.