Is DeepStream SDK sample3.0 running on GP102 [TITAN Xp]?

Hi Guys!

I try to run DeepStream SDK sample applications.
But running sample is always failed. (build success)

It’s my environments:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
NVIDIA Display Driver 410
DeepStream SDK 3.0
cuDNN 7.5 & TensorRT 5.0

I wonder, can I use DeepStream SDK3.0 sample on GP102 [TITAN Xp]? or Do I need Tesla or others?
I download DeepStream SDK from “Download for Tesla” link.

I reviewed website and document, but can’t find clearly the h/w limitations…

Thanks a lot!

Hi danielss1717,

We test and maintain DeepStream 3.0 for Tesla platforms. It may work on GFX cards.
Please file a new topic once met issues on GFX cards.


Thanks for comment!
To clarify, Is Titan xp also included in GFX card?
Thanks a lot!

Anyone any feedback welcome:)
I am not familiar Nvidia GPUs.

Hi danielss1717,

The Titan XP is GFX card for sure.
Not sure what failure you met, please provide more information then we can have suggestions.


Thanks for clarify!
I will share issue to write new topic.
By the way, in GFX case, should I use fakesink?

You may check if the sample applications can be run successfully on Titan XP first.

I was able to run docker deployment of deepstream at titan xp