Is EOF (end of file) supported by pgf90?

Whenever I put a command using EOF in my script, e.g.

do while (.NOT. EOF(iunit))

where iunit is an integer, there is an error message which says

"undefined reference to ‘eof’ "

This works fine in Compaq Visual Fortran. Is it supported, and more generally, apart from this site, is there anywhere else on the web I can find this sort of information? I am using pgf90 via a remote linux xterm window.

I think EOF is a CVF extension and not standard fortran 90. You can use the iostat or end parameters of the READ statement to detect end of files. If you use the end parameter, just place the label as the next executable statement outside the do loop.

As for other web sites, non-pgi specific fortran information can be discussed in the usenet comp.lang.fortran newsgroup.