Is it possible to open tracker source code developers to add custom data in tracker struct?

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Is it possible to opensource tracker source code developers to add custom data in tracker struct?

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Is it possible to open tracker source code developers to add custom data, such as now only nvdstracker.h, there is no corresponding nvdstracker .cpp file?

in nvdstracker.h
typedef struct _NvMOTTrackedObj
/** Holds the class ID of the object to be tracked. /
uint16_t classId;
* Holds a unique ID for the object, assigned by the tracker. /
uint64_t trackingId;
* Holds the bounding box. /
NvMOTRect bbox;
* Holds the tracking confidence of the object. /
float confidence;
* Holds the track length in frames. /
uint32_t age;
* Holds a pointer to the associated input object, if there is one. */
NvMOTObjToTrack *associatedObjectIn;
uint8_t reserved[128];
} NvMOT,

I want to add a counter such as 'gint unmove_times ’ to also determine whether an object is stationary or not 。 When traversing trackers, the value of this counter is updated by determining whether the position of the object has changed,

Is it possible to decide unmove_times in the application based on the output meta data of tracker?

this is a good idea,after each detection or update the tracked target bbox ID, obtain the corresponding tracked target bbox id, store it and it’s x,y,width,height in the container, and then determine the state of the target location movement through the target id and it’s location. But how could i get the output meta data of tracker? is there any doc ?

Can I do this through this functions in deepstream-test5-app file? I want to get the target boxes that don’t move more than the set threshold and send them out through kafka

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Yes. Here is the meta data document: NvDsMeta — Deepstream Deepstream Version: 6.1.1 documentation (

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