Is the CUDA SPH demo src available?

Hi, I’ve seen a CUDA SPH Fluid Simulation demo on the SIGGRAPH 07 Course notes. It is very interesting. Is its source code available now? or maybe some time later? :huh:

Thank you.

It should be in the next release of the SDK.

I’m really excited to see that you guys implemented SPH on graphics hardware! In the figures of the presentation I see that you plotted points, and also you mention isosurface extraction. Although I mentioned it previously on the forums, I wanted to point out a CUDA code I wrote to directly perform volume visualization of SPH (and other meshless) data, without extracting any surface or volume mesh. I find it to be an additional useful way to look at such data, and I think it should be especially convenient if the data is produced by CUDA.

Thank you all, I am also an SPH fan, I am looking forward to seeing the CUDA version of SPH. Hope it can appear ASAP. :rolleyes:

I would love to see this realtime nebulae/particle attractor meshless demo implemented in CUDA:…topic_id=410954


Hi Simon,

Sorry to digg up this old topic, but having watched the new PhysX fluids demo, I wondered: are there still plans to release the source code for this SPH demo? Was it 3D, and did it include isosurface generation and rendering?



For simplicity, the particles demo we released in the CUDA SDK doesn’t use SPH, it just uses simple spring+damper collisions between particles (aka DEM). It is mainly intended to illustrate efficient methods for performing neighbour finding on the GPU.

It should be relatively easy to add SPH, you can find some example code here:

We don’t have any plans to release code for the SPH used in PhysX, but the API is free to use.

The fluid rendering technique used in the PhysX fluids demo is similar to this:…blications.html