Fluid Dynamics on GPU

Hi all, I’m in my honors year and am looking into doing mesh based 3D fluid dynamics.

I was hopeing I could produce somthing like that found in the Nvidia demo by Keenan Crane, “box of smoke”, by using Cuda or Direct Compute.

I have have experience with HLSL directx shader and PS2 vector unit programming… but have never used Cuda or Direct Compute.

Could anyone assist me and tell me if this kind of project is realistically feasible within the timeframe that I have (may 2010)?

It’s certainly feasible. You might want to look at OpenCurrent, which provides a framework for doing grid-based simulations like these:

Someone has just implemented a realtime SPH simulator that is (probably) going to be integrated with the Bullet Physics Engine. Download the Bullet Physics Engine and take a look at the Extras/sph folder. That implementation uses CUDA.