Is the 'dli-nano-ai' Dockerfile published anywhere?

I’d like to add a couple more Python libraries to a version of this image (Seaborn and Pandas), but still have the new image launch Jupyter when run. Been making some progress working this out from base image, but it would be so much easier to just clone the ‘dli-nano-ai’ Dockerfile and add two libraries.



You can find some in this GitHub:


Thanks. I had already found that repo, and a few others, but none of them fire up Jupyter as part of the image. So I am specifically looking to see if the Dockerfile for the DLI course has been shared anywhere.

Hi @atlay, the l4t-ml container from jetson-containers automatically starts Jupyter server. It also has Pandas pre-installed.

It has not, but I don’t believe you need the Dockerfile of a base image to use it to build a new container.

Add these lines to your own Dockerfile:


and then proceed to install the packages you want later in your Dockerfile. This will base your new container off of the DLI container, and then you can add your extra stuff to it.

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Perfect, thanks. My bad for not spotting the ML Dockerfile does almost all of what I need. Was sure I’d parsed them all on that repo before asking here.