Is there a way to get CUDA 11.x and CUDA 12.x on JetPack 4.5?

I notice that many CUDA 11.x and CUDA 12.x releases are now available for aarch64-jetson. So is there a way to install these on JetPack 4.5 ? We are stuck with Jetson 4.5 since some of our robots come with Jetson modules that run 4.x and it is not really easy to upgrade those. So it would be great if I can upgrade CUDA on JetPack 4.x so that we can run latest versions of many ML libs out there like Pytorch.

Tangent: I have not been able to find ways to do OTA upgrades to JetPack5.x for these. Most instructions seems to require a SD card to flash the new SDK. We are still figuring out how to do this on our unitree robots but I digress.

Many thanks for your time.


Unfortunately, this feature is only available for the JetPack 5 environment.

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