Is there an interface between cufft and fortran?

Hello everyone,

I am interested in using the cufft libraries in order to run some fft’s on multiple GPU’s using Fortran. I was able to code the interface between cuda and fortran for most of the functions needed but I am missing the interface for: cufftXtMalloc, cufftXtMemcpy and cufftXtExecDescriptorD2Z. I would appreciate some guidance on how to write the interfaces for the above functions or even better if there is available an interface for all the cufft functions.

Thank you in advance

Hi VT,

We document the cuFFT module that we supply at: NVIDIA Fortran CUDA Library Interfaces Version 21.1 for ARM, OpenPower, x86

While we don’t include the XT interfaces, you can see what we do for the regular interfaces and emmulate.


Thank you for your response Mat I will look into that.