Is there any compression library exist using GPU implementation

Hi fellows:

Currently I have a requirement using GPU implement compression, is there any mature library such as thrust exist? Please help me? Thanks.

i suggest you to join forum where compression experts (including me) hang out

there are multiple research-grade (read: meaningless) projects. the only practical ones i remember are bsclib (which is best in the town for text compression, even w/o gpu acceleration) and cudaflac. but may be people at encode will suggest you more, also you can search forum for keywords

i have ideas how to impove bsc, so may be you will be interested to implement these improvements with my mentorship

Old topic, but I was recently wanting to encode my entire library from MP3 to OPUS.
A few thousand files.
It obviously is a long wait on any CPU, and I was wondering if there exists something like a converter using GPU resources (to convert MP3 to Opus, or WAV to opus).
My drive won’t be able to handle more than 4 or 5x MP3 files to WAV.
I presume there might be some substantial difficulties accomplishing it from WAV, due to the large size (even VRAM would only host only a few WAV files at a time, with them being nearly 1GB in size).

So I was hoping something existed that could, on the fly, convert MP3 signal, to Opus.