Is there any Jetson Nano 4Gb benchmark produced by NVIDIA using classification models?


Please, I would like to know if is there any benchmark produced by NVIDIA using the different inference models available (alexnet, googlenet, resnet18, resnet50, resnet100, vgg16, vgg19, inception-v4 etc) for Jetson Nano 4Gb?

Or any research paper reference or website for Jetson Nano benchmarks?

The only one I have found is related to Jetson Orin Nano, AGX, Xavier, etc:



The page does contain some Jetson Nano performance (ex. PeopleNet (v2.5 unpruned))
Please give it a check.

Or you can run it with the GitHub below:


Thanks for your reply.

I will try to run the benchmark script on jetson nano (using tx2-nano-benchmarks.csv). Any problem, I get back here.

Thanks and have nice weekend.

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