Isaac Sim 4.0 release version name in launcher

I was trying to find Isaac Sim 4.0 to download the latest release and could not find it. Then while looking at the "About: section for release 2023.1.1, it says 4.0.0 under version. Can someone please check the naming under the “release”. See the attached image.

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Click on the drop down under 2023.1.1, there should be a button that says “All release builds”, and then you should see 4.0.0 listed under there.


Thanks Cail. Found it. It’s strange its buried in there.

Thanks @cail . Yes, that is the recommended method to install 4.0.0.
Apologies for this confusion. This happened because the 4.0.0 version number is smaller than 2023.1.1.

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