Isaac Simros2-Window installation error

I wrote the following command while installing on this site, and the following error occurred.


When the c:\opt\ros\humble\x64\share\gazebo\setup.bat command is executed, “The specified path was not found.”

However, no matter how many times I put the tutorials in order, there is no file called gazebo

“pls Can you tell me who has similar experience to me?”

Hi @lee1062005 - I would suggest you to look into this ROS installation Doc: ROS & ROS 2 Installation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Hi @lee1062005 , were you able to install Humble successfully on Windows? You can try testing if simple publishers and subscribers work. Once that is confirmed, you should be able to start Isaac Sim from the sourced terminal and use the bridge. Please make sure you follow the Windows ROS 2 instructions in the doc. Hope this helps!