Issues with training Tensorflow object detection


I am building an object detection system by using the Tensorflow object detection API as my base. However, when I want to train my model on my dataset, I keep encountering this issue;

“F tensorflow/stream_executor/lib/] Attempting to fetch value instead of handling error Internal: failed to get device attribute 13 for device 0: CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN: unknown error”

I am new to TensorFlow and CUDA so I am completely confused and lose as to what is happening. Could someone please advise on what is going on? I really appreciate it !!!

Running on: Tensorflow V1.14.0, Tensorflow GPU V1.14.0, CUDATOOLKIT V.10.0.130 , Cudnn V7.6.5.

NVIDIA CARD MODEL: GeForce GTX 1050 with Max-Q Design


Issue seems to be similar to issue reported in below link, please check if it helps in your case:


hey @harrisrezal how did you solve this error im also getting this error!!