It is not work for NvVideoEncoder to set framerate using function setFrameRate

Hi nvidia:
to set the encode framerate with function int NvVideoEncoder::setFrameRate ( uint32_t framerate_num,
uint32_t framerate_den
but it seams not work.
for example,in program set framerate 10 use function ctx->enc->setFrameRate(10, 1),get the encoded file testFile1.264, and set framerate 20 use function ctx->enc->setFrameRate(20, 1),get the encoded file testFile2.264. Check the property of testFile1 and testFile2, both of the framerate is 30( the default value of ctx->fps_n is 30).
Expected your reply! Thanks !

Hi feng,
Do you check timestamps? It wasn an issue but we have fixed it on r28.2.

Hi DaneLLL:
Thank you for your reply!
what’s your mean? do you have fixed it still exist on r28.2 or you have fixed it have been solved on r28.2? because you said it wasn’t an issue.
if it still exist on r28.2, is there any plan to solve it?
if it have been solved,how to solve it?
Expected your reply again! Thanks a lot!

Hi feng, how do you check framerate of testFile1 and testFile2?