It is possible to replace device trees over wifi?

It is possible to replace device trees on a Jetson nano production module over wifi? Is there some file in the rootfs I can replace or do I need to use the ./ script to write to some hidden partition?

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You can try to add a FDT field in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf and point it to your drb file.

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Looking at this thread:

What are the advantages or disadvantages of the FDT method compared to the other one?

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FDT entry in extlinux.conf is just a file. You can name it with some alternate name and add a new entry in extlinux.conf, such that the original entry can still be picked via serial console should the new entry fail.

The non-FDT method signs the tree and puts it in a partition. If you’ve burned security fuses, then you must do this. Otherwise you are probably just doing extra work to flash a signed partition when all you need is a file in “/boot”, and there isn’t a fallback. The FDT entry is used if the tree is found via that, otherwise it reverts back to the signed partition (the FDT entry is ignored if security fuses are burned).