It seems that logrotation is not working properly in jetson


It seems that logrotation is not working properly in jetson.
I set syslog maxsize to 100K.
syslogs exceeding 100Kbytes continue to accumulate.
Request to confirm the function of logrotation.

sudo vi /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog
rotate 2
maxsize 100K

Thank you.

I can’t directly answer your question, but a place to start might be this article:

For actual options see “man logrotate” (you might need to do this on the host PC if logs were trimmed on your Jetson).

This article does talk about maxsize:

Sorry, I don’t know enough about the problem other than to provide content to read through to check.

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Thank linuxdev’s quick suggestion.

Hi Hodu,
This is by default in Ubuntu/Linux system and we don’t do any modification. Don’t have much experience about this and would need other users to share experience. Please try linuxdev’s suggestion. Thanks.

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