Emergency thaw error on kern.log and syslog

Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I was playing with my Jetson TX1 and suddenly, I could compile nothing (very simple matrix multiplication program, around 100 line of CUDA) because there wasn’t enough free disk space.

I was really impressed because it has only the Jetpack installed (and even not all the libraries) and this simple program, so there MUST be enough disk space. I started looking for the biggest files in the system and encountered that the /var directory has 6.1 GB and inside it, in /var/log, there are two files named kern.log and syslog that have around 2 GB each one.

Inside them there are 27 million lines like this one:
Nov 23 17:11:33 tegra-ubuntu kernel: [ 2461.522195] Emergency Thaw on mmcblk0p1
where mmcblk0p1 is the mounted hard drive and only the numbers (time and the number after “kernel”) do increase.

Does anyone what an idea of what has happened? I can upload the files if someone is able to help.

Thanks on advance.

I don’t know about this bug, but it seems it is not just for a Jetson. Here’s an example:

As a temporary workaround, you might check some of these docs on limiting log file size (normally logs rotate daily, so perhaps rotating sooner would help):