Ubuntu doesn't loggin after opencv Installation

I tried to install opencv 3.1 in my Tegra TX1.

When it was in 22%, it hang, and then when I restarted, I can’t loggin.

When I write my password, the screen turn black, and then return to the loggin page.

I don’t know what would cause this, but can you log in via alternate methods? I’m assuming you’re logging in with the graphical interface. Perhaps if the issue is an X11 issue, then ssh or serial console would still work. For serial console information, see:

Yes, i can start session with a terminal (ctrl+alt+F1).

But I can start with the graphical interface.

I changed the lightgdm for gdm and have the same results.

Hey Omath I had the same issue that you had. It would hang roughly around the same percentage then freeze. But before I had to restart my tx1 I checked the system moniter /file system tab and I saw that the device was actually full! I couldn’t boot again after I shut it down from the stall. So i just reflashed jetpack back on it. Im relatively new the the tx1 but I think it might be a memory leak or the lack of swap. Regardless im in the process of moving everything on to a larger SSD and creating a swapspace similar to what jetsonhacks did

To check eMMC to see how much is left, you could do this:

df -H /

The memory leak for RAM issue would not happen right away, things would work correctly for awhile. Lack of space for temporary files in eMMC would be an immediate failure.

From the other login method, you could also verify the nVidia-specific files:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

Thank you very much, I cheked the memory and it was totally full.

I erased some stuff and now it works!!!

Thanks a lot!