JetBot teleoperation notebook and python3 execution in one go

Hi Team,
I am able to execute the complete exercise succesfully using the step by step approach.
The jupyter way is fine for learning the matter.

However I like to run the total code with a single command.
Logically I must copy all code cells into a .py-file.
Then I can issue the command like: sudo python3

What is the best way to proceed, having the .ipynb as souce? (===transform .ipynb into .py-file)

The nano-editor is not available in jupiter? can I install nano-editor without problems?

Thanks for help

I am able to convert the .ipynb-file into .py-file using nbconvert
The sample that I ahve used is teleoperation.ipynb
However executing this file (sudo python3 I am stuck with errors:

  1. NameError: name 'display’is not defined
    Commenting the display verbs, another error showed up
  2. IndexError: tuple index out of range
    Related to line 52: left_link = traitlets.dlink…

How to proceed?

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same here, most of time it shows IndexError: tuple index out of range error, I once success to get controller to make accelerating and steering.