Jetracer did not work on JupyterLab- basic_motion.ipynb

Excuse me, I am a newcomer, I followed Jetracer instruction, but in the first step, I was running basic_motion.ipynb on JupyterLab but look like nothing happened, could anyone please help me ? Many thanks …

I see this message: File “”, line 1
The final steering value is computed using the equation
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hi huukhoa168,

Thanks for reaching out!

This Jupyter Notebook cell is intended to be “Markdown” format. I think somehow it’s gotten converted to code, so when executed the Python interpreter is running it.

If you select the dropdown menu at the top of the notebook that says “code” you should be able to select Markdown and then run the cell to render it.

Please let me know if this helps or you run into any issues.


Many thanks jaybdub, my jetracer has already worked, now I am controlling my jetracer by PS3 controller, any concern I will find any support from you …