Jetbot Voice to Action Tools with Jetson ASR Deep Learning Interface Library for ROS2 Robot

Jetbot Voice to Action Tools: Empowering Your ROS2 Robot with Voice Control
Experience the power of voice control for your ROS2 robot with the Jetbot Voice-to-Action Tools. This project harnesses the capabilities of the Jetson Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) library, enabling your robot to comprehend and react to spoken commands. With features like natural chat greetings, Lidar-assisted self-driving for object avoidance, and real-time person following, you can enhance your robot’s interactions.

Key Features:

  • Jetson ASR Client: Utilize Jetson’s deep learning interface to decode human speech via a dedicated ROS2 node.
  • Chat-Based Greetings: Equip your robot with the ability to deliver friendly greetings and acknowledgements through text-to-speech conversion, creating a more engaging user experience.
  • Customizable Voice Command Mapping: Define a clear correlation between specific voice commands and the corresponding robot actions for personalized control.
  • Advanced Robot Actions: Execute a range of ROS2 jetbot tools-supported actions, including:
    • Lidar-assisted self-driving for safe navigation and object avoidance.
    • Real-time object detection for seamless person following interactions.
    • Basic robot navigation commands such as moving forward/backward and turning left/right.


Jetbot Voice to Action Demonstration - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing this @jenhungho, great work! Really well put together for others to use in ROS2, and impressive to all have running onboard Jetson Nano and JetBot! I’ve added this to the projects page on Jetson AI Lab: