jetpack 3.1 can bus support

Hi everyone I am keeping using the can bus with my Jetson TX2
in jetpack 3.0 I had to compile the kernel again to add the can bus driver
is the can bus driver natively supported in jetpack 3.1?

if you already installed jetpack 3.1 you can check it by

ifconfig -a

and see if can0 shows up
thank you

You may need to still modprobe the appopriate drivers, before the interfaces show up.
(Unless you’ve added them to the start-up scripts)

Yes the CAN bus driver is supported in Jetpack 3.1 (Bosch M_TTCAN Devices module is build with the kernel), however the module is blacklisted by default. You can comment out with a “#” the one line in the file : /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-mttcan.conf

You can also setup the can0 and can1 interfaces in your /etc/network/interfaces so that they appear after booting up the TX2.