Jetpack 5.1 hdmi issue

we test our carrier board in R35.1, and no problem

And we test devkit in R35.2.1, and no problem

But carrier board in R35.2.1, I got a problem

I have the issue and same error log as below.


How do you do something like below?

“As a workaround here, how about you flash bootloader dtb with the one without nvidia,out-flags and kernel dtb with nvidia,out-flags?”

Read your flash board config. There is one file for kernel dtb and another one for bootloader dtb.

By default, they are same file, but you can change them to different one.

bootloader dtb = TBCDTB_FILE
kernel dtb = DTB_FILE


if i’m right.

you mean remove out-flag in TBCDTB_FILE and add out-flag in DTB_FILE?

Yes, correct.

I have a question

35.1 is no problem.

why cause issue in 35.2.1?

Any known cause for the issue?

There is a lot of patches merged to UEFI. But I am not sure which one is causing this issue.

As UEFI is open source, you could check that first.

Should you want to look at UEFI source code, here is a list of some URLs in this thread:

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