Jetpack SDK Compatible Camera Recommendation for Use with the Jetson Nano Module

Hello fellow developers!

I am currently on a team tasked with designing a device capable of autonomous skin disease diagnosis using the Jetson Nano Module as the controller.

I have selected a small camera which I believe does not involve flashing the module with Raspberry Pi or Arduino software. We would like to use the Jetpack SDK for controlling all of the peripheral components.

Does anyone have experience with this or can someone recommend some reading materials on this?

Here is the camera in question:

Any suggestions or feedback welcome. Thanks for reading!

Hi chriswiley.4,

Please find below lists cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform:

Hey, thanks for responding! We’ve settled on the imx219 AF…but we are using just the Jetson Nano module and not the developer kit. Are there set up tutorials, or should these supported cameras be plug and play for the most part?