Jetpack, Ubuntu and the end of Linux Kernel

With the introduction of the Code of Conduct some Linux Kernel developers are threatening to pull their code

What are NVIDIAs plans for replacing kernel code that is removed?


If the code is pulled, you no longer have a licence to run the kernel with that code in it so the device becomes as useful as a brick. Do you see how this could be catastrophic on so many levels? Hence my question.


‘The Linux kernel is licensed explicitly only under version 2 of the GPL,[6] without offering the licensee the option to choose “any later version”, which is a common GPL extension.’

Contributors continue to have Copyright over their contribution and can rescind the licence, their work is specifically not Public Domain.


That would not help me or anyone else who has to remote killswitch all the products they have sold due to this political problem inside the Linux kernel community. Hence my question, I need to know that NVIDIA will have a solution should one be required, the potential legal liabilities are too high to not to ask the question. I notice this is the second thread where I have asked difficult questions of NVIDIA and have not had one NVIDIA person reply, it is very disappointing.

It seems quite unlikely they can “pull” the code, because they already licensed it under the GPL, which is irrevocable once granted. Anyone with the kernel sources could just fold an old version back in.

That being said, if someone decides to actually litigate this, it will cost everybody a lot of money before that final conclusion is actually reached. (My prediction only, I’m not a lawyer.)