Jetson AGX Xavier GPU RAM usage for object detection and instance segmentation inferencing

Hey there,

I am using a Jetson AGX Xavier with 16GB RAM memory for object detection and instance segmentation inferencing. However the algorithms are running very slowly compared to standard desktop computers with 8GB GPU.

I have run jtop to check if the GPU is properly utilized. Every time the Program makes a prediction, the GPU usage goes up to 100%. However, under the memory registry of jtop, I notice that the GPU always only utilizes about 2GB of RAM memory when performing inference.

Should I consider it normal that the GPU “only” uses 2GB of RAM or can I somehow make it use more at the time?

To clarify, I am running the inferencing with a batch size of 1 because I want to use it for real-time application on an image stream.
I am using a swin-transformer model for object-detection and instance segmentation. I have taken it from MMDetection which is pytorch based. Running it on the Jetson on using the API of MMDetection(pytorch), I am getting an inference time of 1s per image (1 fps). Then I converted it to ONNX and ran it in onnxruntime-gpu. Which led to a speedup where it currently runs at 0.5s per image (2 fps). But it’s still very slow for real-time applications. I am trying to convert the model further to TensorRT but it’s proving to be quite a challenge and I am unsure if it will help that much.

For that reason, I was asking myself if the problem might be somehow hardware/gpu related.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


It seems that you are using a third-party framework (PyTorch?) for inference. Is that correct?
If yes, it’s recommended to check with the provider to see if they do any optimization for Jetson.

Another alternative is to run the model with TensorRT.
For an ONNX model, you can convert it to TensorRT with our binary directly:

$ /usr/src/tensorrt/bin/trtexec --onnx=[model]


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