Jetson AGX Xavier / Xavier Industry - Regulatory_and_Compliance_Documents (ROHS)

Is there any RoHS files (e.g:Regulatory_and_Compliance_Documents) of Xaver industry 64GB? we can’t find the NV Model “900-82888-0080-000” from Regulatory_and_Compliance_Documents , even on download center only has Xavier 32GB Version ROHS Documents , anybody can help to get the right Documents.(RoHS)

Thank you very much~

I’m checking with internal team if any ETA to share, please stay tuned. Thanks

Dear Kay,
Got it , we will stay for ur good news.


We will have the RoHS doc for AGX Xavier 64GB at next week. Thanks

@kayccc do you have any updated about RoHS & REACH.?

The document released on Download Center , you can find it as below link:
Jetson AGX Xavier Series Regulatory and Compliance Documents (

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